2020 Guide to Holiday Planning [New Guide]

October 19, 2020 | |

2020 Calendar at a Glance

Despite what seemed like one of the longest years ever, we are finding ourselves in Q4 already. What felt like a blink of an eye is here and businesses like yours are making sure they’re not only ready for the holiday season, but prepared for a unique holiday season.

Due to the global pandemic, online shopping has spiked, and this holiday season is projected to be the biggest year yet for online holiday sales. To assist in the craziness that is Q4 planning, BigCommerce has put together a comprehensive month-by-month guide full of insider tips, proven tactics, and expert advice you need to create an award-winning holiday strategy.

At a glance…

For October, focus on your marketing and promotions. Connect your brand to the season and incentivize customers to shop. This builds emotional connections with your customers during a time they’re looking to spread joy to loved ones. Start setting up your email marketing so you can stay in touch and on their radar.

In November, you’ll need to prepare for an increase in engagements from your customers due to an increase in sales. Re-evaluate your customer service experience and be sure to offer dedicated support with standard turnaround times. Don’t forget to ensure your website is running smoothly and the UX is straightforward. 

When it comes to December, you’ll want to analyze ecommerce data, marketing performance, and general business metrics to create meaningful insights for your business. This information will help you finish the holiday season strong and start 2021 out right. With Monthly Managed Services you can work with experts to help analyze and set new goals.

To get further insight to the above and a glimpse at what should have already been done up to now, download the full guide below. Once you’ve done that, reach out to see how we can help your business end the year successfully! Call us at 866-901-4650 or chat with us at any time.

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